Ways to Tackle Stress as a Surgeon

Posted: August 11, 2015 in Health care

Even the smallest mistake can lead to the loss of a life. For a surgeon, there is much on the line to be created or lost by the motions that are made, and because of this, the profession of being a medical surgeon can be extremely high-pressure and high-stress. But there are ways to tackle that stress so that relaxation can be achieved, resulting in a more relaxed and confident performance by the surgeon.

George Tkalych

George Tkalych

Meditation has proven to open up more relaxation and harmony not just with one’s self, but also with the outside world. The art of concentrated self-awareness has given many medical professionals the ease of mind and clarity that they need throughout the day when that kind of awareness is crucial. The benefit of meditation lies in its ability to be done anywhere, and those without experience can quickly learn how to relax the mind and enter the state of meditation.

One aspect of a surgeon’s life that causes stress to continue to build is there tendency to take work home with them. Constant thinking and pursuit can even lead to stress in times where it isn’t a stressful environment. Finding hobbies to simmer down and enjoy oneself will help ease the mind and prepare the professional for the next day. George Tkalych is a retired Otolaryngologist, and his 32-year career was heavily improved by his passion for flying, which he did often when he was not at the clinic. These activities will not only bring more enjoyment, but more precision to a surgeon’s professional career.


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