George Tkalych – Bad Habits That Can Ruin Your Business

Posted: April 16, 2016 in Health care

For any business person to operate a business for decades is an impressive feat, one that many aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from. George Tkalych, a retired medical professional, operated a private practice for 32 years that specialized in ear, nose and throat (ENT) issues. While his focus was medical, Tkalych was still required to keep some business essentials in mind all through, including keeping some habits at bay that would otherwise affect productivity and success.

George Tkalych

George Tkalych

Habits come from repetition. Pick up a good habit today and chances are that it might help you grow personally or professionally. The reverse is true. Bad business habits can negatively impact the strides your business is making. The following are some to avoid.

Doing everything yourself

Realize early that you can’t do everything on your own. Sure, you can work extra hours, but you likely won’t be able to keep the pace going in the long-term. Find the best people that you can delegate to and trust them to get the job done. Doing this enables you to focus on your strengths and the business can operate better.

Being involved in every decision

Business owners like to be in control, but some aspects of this, like wanting to be a part of every decision made, can slow down progress. It’s frustrating to employees because they may feel that nothing happens without you, which shouldn’t be the case. Ensuring every decision to pass through you is also felt by customers.

Focus on making the high-level, strategic decisions and occasionally provide input on the routine decisions.

Being reactive

Setting your sights on the future of the business is key to long-term success. Unfortunately, not many business owners plan ahead. You have to be strategic in your thinking, as it enables you to foster the right culture and habits that will lead you to your vision. Crafting a vision and goals is something that you have to purposely undertake.

Allowing unproductive actions

While social media has its benefits in making your business visible, it can be unproductive when people spend large amounts of time on it. Some employees can also be unproductive in the name of multitasking, which if done poorly, can lead to people spending too much time on multiple tasks, rather than focusing on the important stuff.

Create a list of the important things you need to do and tackle those first.

Working in fear

One of the worst habits in a business that hinder productivity is fear. Fear of making a decision or stepping on others’ toes can quickly slow down productivity and overall success. Cultivating a culture of fear can take away the focus from business goals.

From experience, George Tkalych knows that removing the negative habits starts with assessing the business. From there, you can identify which habits to exchange for positive ones.


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