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When working as an ear, nose and throat surgeon George Tkalych performed thousands of procedures on both adults and children. For the latter he was often called upon to help children with their fears of surgery. This is something that parents can help medical professionals with by properly preparing their children for the prospect of visiting the hospital. The following are all techniques that you can use.

George Tkalych

Be There At All Times

Doctors recognize that having a parent present will help soothe the nerves of young children, so make it a point to be there at all times for your child. You can often work in conjunction with your child’s doctor to explain complex procedures, while also providing the comfort the child needs to feel more confident in trusting what the doctor is saying.

Role Play

You can also take steps with your child at home to prepare for a doctor’s appointment. One of the best ways to do this is to roleplay the visit to the best of your abilities. By playing the role of doctor you will give your child a better understanding of what to expect during the appointment. Demonstrate how doctors might take blood pressure or measure a heartbeat to reduce fear of the instruments they use.

Validate Fears

Fear of a visit to the doctor’s is completely rational, especially in children. Avoid using language that suggests your child is wrong for feeling this way. Instead, offer encouragement to help them face their fears and complete the appointment.

George Tkalych is a retired medical professional with years of experience in working with young children.

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George Tkalych has had a passion for the environment since he was a young man. Employed as an Assistant Biologist for the Department of Natural Resources, the future doctor worked across the Great Lakes, mapping and measuring their health. Now in his golden years he has maintained his love of the beauty that God has created, and concern for the future of the environment.

George Tkalych

For the most part the debate over renewable energy versus fossil fuels centers around climate change. This seems to be a rather stunted discourse, as though climate change could well be the biggest challenge humanity has faced, at the same time it is not the only reason that society should look to switch.

There are many other issues that fossils fuels bring, such as the acidification of the ocean, where excess CO2 is absorbed by our seas; not to mention terrible accidents like oil spills. With the technology coming through and a long list of reasons that we should reassess our energy sources, it seems a rather clean cut discussion.

Then of course there is the ultimate argument; that fossil fuels are a limited resource. So not only are fossil fuels damaging, but in reality we will one day run out of oil, coal and gas. If we consider this we are then no longer faced with ifs, but really just a question of when?

People like George Tkalych find this debate important as it really encompasses every aspect of our future lives, from the wealth of nations and society, to the environment we live in. It is also pressing in nature and needs to happen now, lest we lose wonders like the Great Lakes of Dr Tyalych’s youth.



George Tkalych has a love for the natural world, and a special place in his heart for the northern lakes of Canada. By far one of the most stunning landscapes of the world, the Great Lakes of Canada are known for their number, size, biodiversity, and of course their beauty. This is why cleaning up and protecting the Great Lakes must then be a priority for all the people of the world.

George Tkalych

This is something that the Canadian government has already put a large amount of resources into. This is because there has already been a lot of damage done over the years via a number of factors, lowering the level of water quality, as well as attacking the levels of wildlife.

Dr Tkalych worked with this directly as an Assistant Biologist working for the Department of Natural Resources when he was a young man. He assessed the different types of fish and their populations, undertaking Limnology on the lakes to test the water quality, as well as echo testing to map the depths. It is here that the future surgeon found his love of the natural world and the beauty that God has created.

It is wonders like this that people like George Tkalych have worked hard to study and protect, but they are being squandered by progress. Which is why we need to focus on keeping hold of the wonder that nature has afforded us and ensure that these lakes are not just cleaned up, but protected forever.




George Tkalych understands what golf is really about. For most it is a game of skill and precision, a decent way of getting some fresh air and exercise, and perhaps good fun. Though all of this is true, for the avid golfer, there are other dimensions to this gentleman’s game, ideas that are focused more on the inner self.

George Tkalych

George Tkalych

Golf has long been applauded as the game of gentlemen. This is not simply because it is often played by successful professionals and the wealthy, but because it has strict etiquette attached to it. There is no tolerance for rudeness or poor manners, and thus is an excellent sport to develop respect.

But the game does go deeper than this. Unlike many other sports, golf is based on precision to the smallest degree. A golfer’s swing can improve by increments, with the slightest move creating a vast difference in outcome. This is one of the reasons why this is a game is considered a sport of focus and patience.

This focus also feeds into the concentration that a skilled golfer must possess. Concentration is an absolute must on the fairway and green (and of course the rough), as the golfer must be at one with body and ball, taking in everything around him to hit that perfect swing. For many who play, the practice can be somewhat Zen.

Ultimately though, it is a game of humility, and a sport that you play against yourself. Other sports are competitive in nature, with teams charging at each other with a ball flying around, or two contestants trying to launch a ball past each other. While golf certainly has a competitive element, and people do play with and against other, as well as in tournaments, it is ultimately a game about your personal best. The other people do not affect your game when you are out on the course (aside from maybe pressure), and each swing can be measured against the last.

Some people find these deep lessons in life in many different places, and there are a great many that find hidden virtues in golf every day. There are in fact books and websites dedicated to the concept, like The Zen of Golf, by Joseph Parent; which may help to explain to non-golfers why so many love the game so much.

George Tkalych is one of those that has a deep association with the gentleman’s game. With over twenty years playing the sport he has learned humility, patience, gratitude and sincerity; all qualities that he finds deeply important. Which is why people like him keep going back out there all through the year – to see what else they can find.

Like many people, George Tkalych knows that the world cannot rely on oil and coal forever. As such, he is encouraged by the strides that scientists and energy experts are making in finding alternative sources of energy. One alternative that has loads of potential to provide clean energy is wind power. Energy stakeholders see wind power as a viable alternative that doesn’t generate any harmful gasses. Ongoing efforts to make it cheaper and more available will help sell wind power to individuals and businesses.



If you are looking to invest in wind power, the following are some things to keep in mind.

Clean energy

Unlike coal, creating energy from the wind doesn’t require any harmful chemicals or cause environmental pollution. The wind is also abundant and can be tapped freely, so it is a good source of alternative energy.

Renewable source

If you live in an area where there’s a lot of wind, it’s basically waiting to be tapped. The wind is a renewable source that never runs out. Efforts have been made to reduce the cost of harnessing and distributing wind power, and as it becomes more popular, it will become cheaper.

Great potential

The potential for wind power to take the place of traditional fossil fuels is huge. With advancement wind turbine technology and more energy players taking part in research efforts, it’s a matter of time before wind power is a major producer of electricity in cities worldwide.

George Tkalych believes that the debate between fossil fuels and natural energy is good for the energy sector as it will allow the generation of sustainable energy solutions.


Although he no longer practices medicine, George Tkalych understands how challenging it can be choosing a medical specialty. The former ear, nose, and throat specialist ran a successful practice for 32 years in Columbus, Georgia. Almost right out of medical school, he knew which area of medicine he wanted to practice and went on to live out his dream.

For many medical students, one of the hardest decisions is choosing which specialty to focus on. With over 60 specialties to choose from, it can be a tough choice. Consider asking yourself the following questions to help make the selection process a bit easier.

Am I a people person?

Unless you are going exclusively into research, you are going to be in contact with patients on varying levels. Some specialties involve more contact than others, for example, family care or psychiatry. If you want minimal patient involvement, think pathology or radiology.

How much time are you willing to spend learning?

Since you’ve taken the path to becoming a doctor, you probably don’t mind the four years of college and additional four of medical school. But after this, you have to consider residency, which varies according to specialty. If you plan to become a surgeon, that can mean an additional six years of training.

What’s your interest?

Doctors have different interests. Some like to work with elderly patients while others are more drawn to children. If you have a strong interest in a particular population, it may make the selection easier.

George Tkalych is happy to have lived his dream job of being a doctor to both children and adults.


For any business person to operate a business for decades is an impressive feat, one that many aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from. George Tkalych, a retired medical professional, operated a private practice for 32 years that specialized in ear, nose and throat (ENT) issues. While his focus was medical, Tkalych was still required to keep some business essentials in mind all through, including keeping some habits at bay that would otherwise affect productivity and success.

George Tkalych

George Tkalych

Habits come from repetition. Pick up a good habit today and chances are that it might help you grow personally or professionally. The reverse is true. Bad business habits can negatively impact the strides your business is making. The following are some to avoid.

Doing everything yourself

Realize early that you can’t do everything on your own. Sure, you can work extra hours, but you likely won’t be able to keep the pace going in the long-term. Find the best people that you can delegate to and trust them to get the job done. Doing this enables you to focus on your strengths and the business can operate better.

Being involved in every decision

Business owners like to be in control, but some aspects of this, like wanting to be a part of every decision made, can slow down progress. It’s frustrating to employees because they may feel that nothing happens without you, which shouldn’t be the case. Ensuring every decision to pass through you is also felt by customers.

Focus on making the high-level, strategic decisions and occasionally provide input on the routine decisions.

Being reactive

Setting your sights on the future of the business is key to long-term success. Unfortunately, not many business owners plan ahead. You have to be strategic in your thinking, as it enables you to foster the right culture and habits that will lead you to your vision. Crafting a vision and goals is something that you have to purposely undertake.

Allowing unproductive actions

While social media has its benefits in making your business visible, it can be unproductive when people spend large amounts of time on it. Some employees can also be unproductive in the name of multitasking, which if done poorly, can lead to people spending too much time on multiple tasks, rather than focusing on the important stuff.

Create a list of the important things you need to do and tackle those first.

Working in fear

One of the worst habits in a business that hinder productivity is fear. Fear of making a decision or stepping on others’ toes can quickly slow down productivity and overall success. Cultivating a culture of fear can take away the focus from business goals.

From experience, George Tkalych knows that removing the negative habits starts with assessing the business. From there, you can identify which habits to exchange for positive ones.