George Tkalych – Healthcare Trends – What to expect from your doctors in the future

Posted: January 28, 2016 in Health care

The healthcare industry has seen dramatic changes over the course of its history in the United States. George Tkalych, a recently retired Otolaryngologist from the Columbus, Georgia area spent his career of 32 years helping his patients and experiencing the changes for providers and those in need of care firsthand. Although Tkalych no longer practices medicine, finding quality health care from trusted physicians isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

George Tkalych

George Tkalych

One thing is for certain, those seeking to find healthcare professionals are littered with options. From the plethora of general practitioner options, to the PPOs that offer direct access to specialists, and urgent care/minute clinics that offer services at odd hours with little restrictions on patients that admit, it seems that patients are able to find more choices for their families and make informed decisions.

Many physicians are beginning to anticipate the needs of their patients based on current patient care, the needs of the community, or trends they see on the rise. These needs are being met in unique ways with partnerships between physicians of varying disciplines, making a “one stop shop” for patient care that can meet all of the needs of an individual and even more so an entire family. These partnerships have even begun to branch out into practices that offer patient care as well as non-medical services that can appeal to their patients’ needs such as access to health food stores on site and classes that promote patient wellness.

For caring physicians such as George Tkalych, looking after the well-being of patients and providing opportunities to improve the patient experience are some of the ways that physicians have set themselves apart in the industry.



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