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George Tkalych is a successful ENT (ear, nose, and throat surgeon) who practiced medicine for over 30 years. He performed thousands of surgeries on children and adults, written numerous medical papers, and spoke as an international speaker at a number of medical events and conventions. He is a member of the American Academy to Otolaryngology, the Canadian Otolaryngology Society, as well a number of state medical societies and associations in the United States. He recently retired and lives with his wife in Columbus, Georgia.

Source: George Tkalych – Successful ENT


Founded in 1905 in hopes of creating a location for physicians to gather and discuss community issues, including health problems and new therapies, the Muscogee County Medical Society has been integral in promoting health and wellness in the area. George Tkalych, a retired Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor from Columbus, Georgia is a member of the society and appreciates the work that is done to help the public maintain health and wellness.

Dr. George Tkalych

Currently, the society has twelve delegates in the Medical Association of Georgia. This presence allows for an influence the directions the organization takes in order to benefit the citizens of Georgia. The information provided to members through the website and meetings helps those in the medical profession stay current on legislation in which they may be affected, as well as networking tools, and issues that concern the community. Members gather for meetings to discuss these issues as well as attend social events that create a comfortable and inviting medical community for those involved. This cohesive environment allows for great networking and collaboration between physicians and better healthcare options for patients.

Becoming a member is easy and the benefits are outstanding to physicians who care to make a greater impact on their community. Membership fees have now been lowered, with first year fees for new members being $175 and membership dues for returning members being $325 annually. George Tkalych is one of many physicians who has benefited from membership in the Muscogee County Medical Society and have had much to offer the society in return.


George H. Lanier Hospital, now East Alabama Medical Center or EAMC, is a part of Lanier Health Services, an acute care hospital with an affiliated nursing home located in Valley, Alabama. George Tkalych, a retired Otolaryngologist from Columbus, Georgia, began his prestigious career of 32 years working at the hospital and believes it to be an excellent jumping point for his success. The hospital opened in 1950 and was the first hospital in the United States to be built under the Hill-Burton Hospital Survey and Construction Act. The hospital offers many services to its patients including, a 24-hour emergency room, an urgent care clinic, a rehabilitations facility for both in-patient and out-patient care, imaging, a women’s center, nursing home, and the Nasal and Sinus Institute.

In September of 2013, the hospital combined with East Alabama Medical Center to offer the best in patient care for its patients and EAMC now operates both facilities as a combined entity. EAMC and EAMC-Lanier serve a total of eight counties throughout East Alabama and West Georgia and have made every effort to be a leader in healthcare, both in quality and cost.

George Tkalych gained great experience from his time at George H. Lanier and enjoys the time he spent there. With the high quality of patient care and a mission to provide exceptional and compassionate care and healing to those in need, the hospital strives to maintain the utmost respect for its patients and to treat one another, both patients and colleagues with the same courtesy and respect.