George Tkalych – The Precious Oceans

Posted: July 4, 2016 in Health care
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George Tkalych is an avid fisherman, and finds angling a good way to spend quality time with his son. This is true of many around the world, being a tradition almost as old as time. It is both a sport, how we bond with friends and families, as well as a way of feeding the world; so its importance cannot be underestimated.

Getting out to sea to fish is one way that so many people are able to get away from the everyday pressure of life. Out far enough, one can feel that society has dropped away, with nothing but ocean and sky as far as the eye can see. Plus out off the coast is where the waters not only get deep, but rich.

George Tkalych

Out over the deep you can find a trove of treasure; from grouper and snapper to sea scallop, even tuna, the oceans are rich with life. But this may not be the case forever, and with intensive fishing as well as the acidification and warming of the ocean, fish stocks are depleting along with the health of the oceans; already many of the oceans of the world are considered at risk.

George Tkalych learned the importance of having a responsible attitude to our natural world as a young man working for the Department of Natural Resources as an Assistant Biologist. Studying and caring for the Great Lakes of Canada, Dr Tkalych learned to appreciate the beauty of the world God created, as well as the need to ensure that it is preserved. The ocean though is a source of both joy and an important source of our food too, so perhaps one of the most precious resources we could ever imagine.



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